Between pool, garden & Dolomite peaks

Swimming and relaxing in our wellness hotel in Valdaora
Unwind at the source of well-being, between towering peaks and lush meadows, surrounded by the scent of the forest and by tingling mountain air ...
Simple, elegant and luxurious our brand new wellness area with pool and sunbathing lawn awaits you at the 4-star Hotel Alte Goste in Valdaora, in the green heart of the Pustertal Valley.
Float weightlessly in the crystal clear, heated water of the indoor pool. Outside, you can stretch out on a comfortable lounger in the lawn, sunbathe, read your favourite book in a shady spot or be inspired by the wonders of nature.

Beneath the sunny sky, our bathing pond invites you to take a dip and swim in the middle of the garden. Take a few laps, enjoy the cool water that soothes the body on hot summer days, look up at the mountain peaks and enjoy the breathtaking landscape.
Is this natural wellness enough?

Our wellness highlights:



with massage jets

- Spacious lounger area

with top panoramic view
Bathing pond

Bathing pond

in the garden

Vital corner

with tasty and genuine snacks