Where walls (and Roman milestones) tell stories

Journey into the past of the Historic Hotel Alte Goste in the Pustertal Valley
If our Roman milestone could speak,
it would have a lot to tell.
Precisely, more than 2000 years of history.
In 201 AD, the milestonethat stands in front of our hotel today was rebuilt after being damaged during the Roman conquests.
Over the centuries, our milestone has witnessed how the Pustertal Valley has become one of the most strategic connection points between Rome and the northern territories of the Holy Roman Empire, and how the old Roman roads it lined have developed into a contemporary road system. It also saw how the first inns opened along the streets of the Val Pusteria in the 12th century, and how the first travellers looking for a warm meal and a place to spend the night in have entered the ancient inn "Alte Gosten" in Valdaora - first mentioned in a document in 1142.
Many stories from the past entwine around the ‚Goste‘ ...
So, in 1147 - when the existence of a property on the hill of the ‚Goste‘ was first mentioned in a historical document – Gisila, a minister, donated part of the ancient farm "an der Costen" to the Novacella Abbey. Later, the property came into the possession of a certain Stainer family. And at the beginning of the 16th century, the "Alte Goste" obtain permission to bake bread and run a restaurant, until in 1557 a certain Gilg Steiner became its first innkeeper ("Wirt an der Costen").

What historical testimonies and documents reveal about the "Alte Goste" has been researched for us by competent historians and summarised in a book dedicated to our hotel, complete with photographic documentation. Furthermore, the ancient manuscript certifying the donation of the property is still kept in the Novacella Abbey.
... but our present is full of stories too.
... because our guests also write history. Within the ancient walls of the hotel, they fill up with energy, which they turn into memorable holiday experiences. Experiences that will remain in the memory for a long time and become new, fascinating stories - an integral part of the history of our Hotel Alte Goste.
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